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Figure Skating

The dream of many young people. Underlined with beautiful music, the choreography becomes a masterpiece on the ice. If you want to live this dream, contact us.



Tactics, sense of movement, tranquility and ...a broom will guide you to victory. Do you want to feel the positive stress of playing on the ice? 
Come and try Curling, we are at your disposal with all the information about this sport.

Phone: +352 621 164 434

Tornado Ice Hockey

A fast, energetic and spectacular team sport on ice. If you are looking for a group that only works together and where everyone has to fit in 100% you must play ice hockey. For more info contact us.

Huskies Junior Ice Hockey

As a young athlete attracted by the fast tactical game of ice hockey, you can become a member of the Huskies and why not consider a career on the ice. We are available to give you more information.

Phone: +352 621 170 879


Short Track

Are you a speed enthusiast who wants to test your limits, alone against the rest of the world? With Short Track you can live this adventure. Contact us for more information.


Ice Dance

Ice dance: A mix between dance sport and figure skating, ice dancing cultivates singularity and originality. It can be practiced alone or as a couple. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.



Icestock is a sport with a long tradition. Our players achieve great sporting feats and usually make it to the podium during tournaments. In summer Icestock is played on asphalt or concrete. For more information please contact us.


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